The terror is subsiding

living room

We finally closed on our investment property one month ago today. And we have been hopping since then. Painting parties until 11 at night. Shopping for windows on the weekend. Showing after showing led to hours of screening and, one week after advertising, to signing a new tenant! We’ve got some work left to do, but it looks so, so much better than it did. Shout out to my dad for installing new windows with my hubby all Saturday long. Good work, guys! I wisely stuck to painting closets and window trim. 🙂

kitchen with stove

We put in some new cabinets and a new stove. We bought a washer & dryer (Thank you, Habitat for Humanity ReStore!). Hubby replaced bare bulbs with shiny new light fixtures.

bedroom 2I have to say that this is one of my favorite things about investing in real estate: the dramatic before and after effect. You can take a neglected piece of property and turn it into a beautiful home where responsible folks want to live. It’s highly satisfying…and a little addictive.


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